About Me

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Making Raleigh, North Carolina home for over 25 years, I have built my career and my life in the Triangle. As a civil engineer, landscape architect, project manager, and development consultant, I partner with developers and utilize my land development experience in the Triangle to find the best solutions to client challenges. I specialize in the design of transportation systems, stormwater control measures, utilities, and site amenities.

In the past, I have worked in traffic management, analyzing and improving traffic systems and operations in North Carolina. I’ve also worked for the North Carolina Department of Transportation and performed research at the Constructed Facilities Lab at NC State’s Centennial Campus. In addition to being a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of North Carolina, I also carry my Professional Engineering license in the States of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and my Home Inspector license in North Carolina. I’m also a licensed Landscape Architect in North Carolina.

I am a graduate of the Civil Engineering program at North Carolina State University — participating in the Marching Band and Jazz Band — and returned for a Masters in Landscape Architecture at NC State’s College of Design. In my free time I enjoy skiing, drumming, DIY projects, improv comedy, genealogy, motorcycles, tabletop games, and writing. I’m an avid backpacker and an Eagle Scout.

What I Share

I share all sorts of things I’m interested in and projects I work on, both professionally and in my free time. I occasionally write pieces on politics, engineering, technology, gaming, and the impact of said topics on myself and our culture.

How I Stay Organized

  • Pilot G2, .7mm Black
  • Bullet Journal: Moleskine Classic Large (black, hardcover, squared)

Products and Companies I Love

I’m a stickler for quality products with insanely great design. Here’s a list of products and companies that continue to impress me:

  • Apple: iPhone, Watch, M2 Macbook, Mac Mini, HomePod, AppleTV, AirPods Pro
  • Redwing Shoes: 4406
  • New Balance Shoes: 990
  • Saddleback: ID Wallet
  • American Giant: Classic Full Zip (not complete without a Daring Fireball T-Shirt underneath)
  • RuffWear: Track Jacket, Palisades Pack, Overcoat, Aira

Volunteer Work

  • I’ve been known to volunteer my time and skills with the ACE Mentor Program. I served on the Associate Board of our local affiliate, ACERDU.org, 2015-2021.
  • In the fall of 2021, I was appointed to the Town of Cary Planning and Zoning Advisory Board, advising Town Council on matters related to long-range planning, zoning, land use, and related development matters.

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