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New Games

As table top gaming is a hobby of mine, I’m always on the lookout for a new game to test out. I’ve played a few new table top games lately and I figured I would share my thoughts and do some reviews.¬†Here’s the round up: Cards Against Humanity, Ticket to Ride, Glass Road.

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Microsoft visits Blue Marble

I had the fantastic opportunity to visit Blue Marble Game Company when I was in Los Angeles two weeks ago visiting my friend Joe. Joe works as a game designer at Blue Marble, where he uses technologies like Microsoft Surface and Kinect to create rehabilitation games for people with disabilities or therapists who work with people with disabilities. Today, Microsoft posted a video of their visit and it’s exciting to see Joe in the video along with all his coworkers I met when I was there. Way to go and keep it up!

More info about Blue Marble Game Company can be found here. Joe’s personal blog on independent games can be found here.