Open Letter to Rep. LaRoque

The following is an email I sent to Representative Stephen LaRoque, concerning the issue of legislation-run engineering:

From: Mike Roselli 
Sent: 5/11/2011 12:42pm

Dear Representative LaRoque,

I work for NCDOT and I have studied Highway Safety at NC State. Not only do I find Bill 561 a despicable act of politics, but I find it offensive for you to imply that you know more about the engineering of highways than the engineers at NCDOT. I urge you to reconsider your endorsement of this bill and read the facts. Here is a fantastic report on how medians do NOT affect local businesses, studied by researchers at NC State and UNC:

Click to access ncsu2009-12FinalReport.pdf

It will be a sad day when State engineers, who work tirelessly to provide life-saving solutions for collision problems, have to report to the state legislature about every median, stop sign, or other collision-reducing counter measure they want to install.

Mike Roselli

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