State funding in trouble

It should be of no surprise to anyone in the transportation industry to see state transportation departments short on cash at the moment. To make matters worse, previous legislation (pre-recession) was planning on cutting back funding, ultimately nullifying some attempted cash influx that was expected to come from stimulus.

The unemployment rate in this sector is still waiting to see the light at the end of this tunnel because of a lack of projects, ultimately caused by a lack of funding and state budget concerns.

What’s being done about it? It seems the good folks at AASHTO have written a nice letter to the US House and Senate, urging them to repeal the $8.7 billion rescission of funding. So, If you’re looking for a job in this sector, definitely keep tabs on this as it develops. Maybe you should write your local congressman!

For the full story, or to read the letter sent to congress, see this AASHTO press release.

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