‘Us’ vs. ‘Them:’ Twitter labels new Amazon series a Jordan Peele rip-off

Nadine DeNinno, reporting for the New York Post:

The show, which is also executive produced by Little Marvin, has fans labeling it a “knockoff” and “copycat” of Peele’s past work while another pointed out it’s “both Jordan Peele movies combined.”

“This feels like someone whos never seen a Jordan Peele movie describing what a Jordan Peele movie is like,” one commenter wrote.

“Jordan Peele has given us two black horror movies and now they’re copying him already,” added another.

One Twitter user even poked fun at the series’ title, “they even ripped off the ‘Us’ title and called it ‘THEM,'”

Amazon has been embracing knock-off practices across the board, I’m surprised it took this long for their foray into original streaming content to do so as well.

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