Gauff and Djokovic Take US Open

Kurt Streeter reporting for NY Times:

As she scorched a final passing shot past Aryna Sabalenka to take the title, falling to her back and then kneeling to soak in the moment through tears, Gauff claimed eternal space in the collective memory…

After beating Shelton in a hard-fought, straight-sets win to advance to the men’s final, Djokovic mimicked the celebratory gesture Shelton had flashed throughout the tournament after victory — an imaginary phone to the ear, which he then slammed down, as if to say, “Game, set, match, conversation over.”

I was so fortunate to see both Coco and Djokovic this year at the US Open, on top of the historic moment opening night when I saw Michelle Obama introduce Billie Jean King to celebrate 50 years of equal prize money. I will certainly remember the 2023 US Open for many years to come.

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